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Zachary Scott Jarvinen is a startup executive and former the Head of Technology Strategy for Analytics and Artificial Intelligence at OpenText. He previously worked at Global Fortune 500 Epson and the U.S. State Department, and was part of the 2008 Obama Campaign Digital Team. Zachary speaks fluent Spanish and Portuguese, and holds an MBA/MSc from UCLA and the London School of Economics.


One of Zachary’s major focuses has been to demystify confusing and intimidating jargon found in the AI and tech space, and present AI in a palatable and approachable topic way in which organizations can benefit and grow their company.

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In addition to being sought after as a Product Marketing executive, Zachary is pivotal in planning and managing global conferences on AI, where he not only serves as a speaker, but also curates panels and tracks focusing on the most pressing and important AI topics of today.


About the book

In the new data-driven business era, artificial intelligence (AI) technology will be the solution that leading organizations leverage to streamline business operations, improve decision making, increase automation, and maximize revenue. Yet, to many business users, AI still seems intimidating or too futuristic to be practical. 


Terms like machine learning, predictive analytics, and natural language processing may be familiar to data scientists, but the ways in which AI can solve the organization’s biggest data challenges in practical terms continue to elude everyone else.


In this book, we will demystify the jargon and complexities surrounding the world of artificial intelligence. Through making key topics and solutions more approachable, companies will be able to easier accept, implement and succeed with technology they once found intimidating.


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